Original Hexagonal Birdhouse by Bert Cranmer

Hexagonal birdhouse by Bert Cranmer, mounted in 1993

About Cranmer Earth Design

My grandfather gave me a birdhouse for my fourth birthday several months before he passed away; little did I know, this birdhouse would change my life. I grew up gardening with this birdhouse nearby, not realizing its significance until I moved away for school and could no longer work on the farm like I had before.

While a student at the University of Guelph, I started woodworking as a hobby in 2010 and decided to build a few birdhouses from my grandfather's design - the one he gave me almost 20 years earlier. I later realized that he spent decades perfecting a design that was ideal for wrens, a songbird that eats insects from around your yard and garden.

Since our primary goal is to make it easier and safer for birds to live in your yard, we use non-toxic materials like Vermont Natural Coating's Polywhey. The birdhouse dimensions are such that songbirds spend minimal time nest building, but have enough room to live comfortably inside. The removable lid makes it easy to monitor and clean the house between families of birds.

All birdhouses are crafted using quality, locally sourced materials wherever possible. While the hexagonal birdhouse is the main product, there are a few new products such as bat houses or bottle carriers that are also functional, environmentally friendly and built to last. Your orders are carefully handled from start to finish so that you always know the status of your order at all times. I want you (and the birds) to be happy with your purchase.

Bert Cranmer (1912-1993), gardening in Sarnia, Ontario

Bert Cranmer gardening in the 1950s

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-Travis Cranmer

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